Everest restaurant Chicago with Four Star rating

The Everest restaurant in Chicago has received numerous accolades from different people and organizations since its opening. It has received a four star rating from Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. It has been called the best and the finest in all of America by Decanter, Gourmet, Saveur, and Chicago Magazine. And even The New York Times has praised Chef Joho and his personalized French cuisine. This Everest is certainly similar to the Everest that many aspire to climb. While many of us may not be able to afford such a fine dining experience, we all would like a glimpse of such an event even if it is through the eyes of someone else.

Everest Chicago So what will we find in the Everest restaurant in Chicago should we ever have the pleasure to dine there? The very first thing that would capture any diner’s eye is the gorgeous view. Situated at the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, the restaurant affords its customers with a bird’s eye view of the city. And it is simply breathtaking. Once you get over this, the next thing that will catch your eye is the décor. It’s very minimalist but it’s not stark. And it has a quiet sort of beauty that speaks of elegance. The furnishings are actually works of art by different sculptors and painters. Each table is decorated with a sculpture by the famous Swiss artist Ivo Soldini. The walls that overlook the western view of the city are adorned with paintings by Chicago’s own Adam Siegel. Other artists featured in the Everest restaurant in Chicago include Tim Anderson, John Westmark, and Cavalier Virginio L. Ferrari.

Once seated, diners are served by the exceptional staff. The waiters and waitresses are formal but polite and accommodating. They aren’t the typical “how’re you doing” type of wait staff. They allow you to enjoy the food and the people you’re with without the additional meaningless conversation that staff in other restaurants provides. The sommelier is very informative and knowledgeable that the wine pairing experience is doubly pleasurable. All in all, the service is impeccable.

Of course, the food offered in the establishment is the highlight of any visit to the Everest. Chef Joho’s personalized French cuisine will appeal to anyone who loves great food regardless of your station in life. All of the items on the menu are made with fresh ingredients that truly add to the taste of each bite. The food served, whether it be seafood, vegetarian or meat, are all amazingly presented and equally as delicious. While a la carte meals are served in the restaurant, the most popular choice is the tasting menu. The courses served will differ depending on when you visit the restaurant but none of them will disappoint. From butter poached lobster to chestnut and duck soup to rhubarb parfait with strawberry compote, all will leave you unsatisfied as you will keep wanting more.

Having seen Everest from the eyes of someone else, don’t you wish you can climb it too?