Everest Chicago in Review

Everest ChicagoI’ve had loads of fine dining experiences in different places across America. Some have been memorable while some were forgettable. Others were memorable but not in a good way. I’ve often heard of the accolades given to the Everest restaurant in Chicago but have never had the pleasure to try it until recently. And I must say, whatever has been said before were not even close to what I experienced.

First of all, the Everest restaurant in Chicago is a four star French cuisine restaurant located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange building. And if you’ve read any of the reviews, they are all unanimous in their statement that the view is simply spectacular. I must say, having seen it, I agree one hundred percent. If you’ve ever been to Chicago, you’d know that the city is full of the hustle and bustle of people and traffic. But looking at it from the view of Everest, it looks quiet but still full of life and color. And if you happen to be lucky enough to be at the restaurant when the sun is about to set, then it is breathtaking.

The décor, much like the cuisine, is classic. The elegant furnishings are minimal but they provide the restaurant with a quiet beauty, understated but not ignored. There is a lot of art on display around the restaurant. Sculptures and paintings of outstanding quality decorate the different rooms and walls of the Everest, giving the place a unique, modern feel. The rooms are spacious enough but not so much that you lose the intimate feel, especially when dining with your romantic partner.

On to the food… I must say, Chef Joho’s personalized French cuisine has apparently not been overrated after all. Each part of our meal was cooked to perfection, each ingredient adding unique flavors that blended exceptionally well, and the food was served beautifully which is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to beauty in all things. The food, as you’ll find, is very classic French cuisine. And while it is not as “innovative” as what some chefs are putting out these days, the food is very timeless and thus already has been perfected in every way. And though I’m sure that anything you order will leave you highly satisfied, I would recommend starting off with some of those that were the highlights of my visit. Anyone who has ever been to the Everest restaurant in Chicago has tasted this and will therefore agree that the most superb item on their menu is the Roasted Maine Lobster with Alsace Gewurztraminer Butter and Ginger. This is the best lobster you will ever taste. The Foie Gras is also the best I’ve ever had, completely full of fatty goodness. And for those not into seafood, you’ll be quite happy when you taste the succulent and tender venison.

Overall, my experience with the Everest restaurant in Chicago was remarkable in all aspects. And I expect that it will continue to be so every time I visit.

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