Everest restaurant Chicago for French cuisine

If you’re interested in trying French cuisine or simply love eating great food, you might want to stop by the Everest restaurant in Chicago. It will be a dining experience you will never forget. The Everest restaurant in Chicago is situated on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. It is located quite high thus it offers a spectacular view of the city that many would go to the restaurant for that reason alone.

Before we begin to discuss Chef Joho’s personalized French cuisine, it must be said that a great dining experience is not based on food alone. There are other factors that come into play. One of which is the ambiance. The Everest’s décor, to some, may seem like something from the 80’s. But to those with a critical eye, it is easy to see that the food that will be served is not the only art the diners will get to appreciate. While minimalist in décor, Chef Joho chose to display unique modern art to add to the dining experience. The Everest restaurant in Chicago can even be considered to be a small art gallery as it features 4 artists and their works in each of the rooms. Sculptures and paintings adorn the restaurant giving it a rich elegance that only fine dining restaurants provide these days. The artists featured in the rooms of the restaurant are Ivo Soldini (sculptor), Adam Seigel (painter), Cavalier Virgionio L. Ferrari (sculptor), Tim Anderson (painter), and last, but not the least, John Westmark (painter).Everest Chicago

Another factor that contributes to having a great dining experience is the service. And in the Everest restaurant in Chicago, you get the very best. Now, there are some who believe that the service is too aloof and “monosyllabic.” But service, if one wants to quietly savor the food and the company, should always be unobtrusive. You can’t do that if someone keeps asking you if you need anything else or how the food was. While the staff is quiet, formal, and distant, they are polite and very accommodating.

Lastly, and the most important part of the dining experience is the food. For those who are fans of French cuisine, you will absolutely love how fresh, original, and delicious the food is. For those who are not, you will learn to love French cuisine simply because of this restaurant. They serve freshly picked vegetables and seafood and this comes out in the taste of any meal they serve. Their roasted lobster, smoked salmon, and baked sea bass are all superb, the very best you’ll ever taste. Their wine list is extensive and entirely excellent. Their wine pairing is perfect. Those who can afford it should choose to go with Chef Joho’s tasting menu as it is the highlight of the restaurant. But that is not to say that the a la carte is something to scoff at.

Overall, dining at the Everest restaurant in Chicago is a must for anyone looking for a unique and exceptional experience.